Your Guide to Tooth Whitening

Here is a question we frequently receive: “Should I actually whiten my teeth? Is it safe?” 

A recent survey illustrated that upwards of 80% of Americans aged 18 to 49 want whiter teeth. Over half of those surveyed believe that a whiter, brighter smile would improve their self confidence, most noticeably in the 18-24 age range. But something to consider is – are there risks involved, and if so, is the risk worth taking?

Of all the crazy things that have been happening in 2020, there is some good news which we are happy to report: Strategies for teeth whitening have never been this easy, affordable and effective. Discuss with your trusted cosmetic dentist about tooth whitening solutions that can work for you. Before making this game-changing decision for a brighter smile, there could be some things worth considering. Do you go with an at-home teeth-whitening solution, or make a visit to the dentist?

To gleam, or not to gleam?

Whether looking at the cover of a magazine or the latest glitzy hollywood movie, those sparkly whites are out there. Quick and convenient sugary fast-food intake is more prevalent than ever before, and a reduction in free time means there are more factors which are working against our ability to give our teeth the quality attention and care they deserve.

A more genuine smile helps us stand out during interviews, speeches, photos, and general day-to-day. For some, having whiter, straighter teeth helps achieve this greater smile. And don’t be concerned! Provided your teeth are free from cavities and your gums are still healthy, any potential damage with whitening your teeth is very limited.

Here are some of the most common daily habits which can noticeably stain your teeth:

  • Drinking occasional, tea, or alternative dark liquids which will leave stains
  • Smoking cigarettes or alternative tobacco product that contain tar
  • Not brushing your teeth frequently enough (we recommend two times a day, and after consuming staining drinks), or not brushing using our recommended techniques.

So, the choice very rests on your personal preference and how you’re feeling about your smile. While we certainly won’t make this decision for you, you can be assured that our skilled professionals ensure your tooth whitening experience is safe, comfortable, and yields amazing results.

Evaluating Treatment Options:

Once you’ve made the decision to move forward with teeth whitening treatment, the next step is to decide if you’ll do this at your best local dentist, or do the “easy” at-home treatment options. The quantity of bleach used (as well as the quantity!) are worth taking into consideration here.

Professionally trained dentists use higher concentrations of peroxide for these treatments than what you’d find available for at-home use. While dentists will be using different solutions, their skills and experience are put to good use in ensuring the treatment is administered correctly and effectively – something that might be a downside with at-home administration.

Should you decide to take the at-home journey, there are so many different products out there to choose from. How will you make the choice? Each one will have different degrees of effectiveness, and require the patient different levels of time and energy. Do the one that makes you most comfortable, but we’d recommend speaking with a trained professional first. No matter which product you choose – make sure you’re following those directions! These are your teeth we’re talking about!

Other concerns

If you’re unsure regarding whether or not one thing in your dental or anamnesis would be stricken by teeth lightening, the simplest factor to try and do is raise your tooth doctor. no doubt is simply too silly or trivial; any sensible tooth doctor or hygienist ought to answer all of your queries completely and professionally.

Our incredible family dentistry team at Columbia Dental Care & Associates will assist you decide whether or not teeth whitening is correct for you, and what approach may work best to achieve the smile you’re trying to find. Contact us today to find out more about our services and schedule a consultation to discuss any queries or concerns you may have. We look forward to seeing you soon! Stay safe and healthy.