Dental emergencies can occur at the worst times. Cold compresses and warm water can only do so much when your smile is damaged in any way. When these emergencies happen, our team at Columbia Dental is ready to serve you. We have a multitude of services that have continuously placed us as one of the best emergency dentists in Kissimmee.

We have implemented a number of emergency dental services that can help you in times of need. What many people do not understand is that they can call our office when they are in need of dental care and can get any service that our office provides. The most important part of the process, however, is understanding exactly what can be offered to you through our office.

When looking for emergency dentists in Kissimmee Florida, you might be wondering what services you can receive at certain practices. At Columbia Dental, we provide dental implant and crown services that will help patch any tooth decay or loss. With this restorative work, it is important to understand that crowns can come loose at some point so proper care must be taken after it is placed within your smile. This type of emergency service may be needed because of natural tooth decay, or it can be from improper oral hygiene.

At some point, you may find yourself with tooth pain but no clear decay. This may be because of cavities that have developed and are in sudden need of attention. This can happen as the tooth is more sensitive with cavities being present, which will then leave you in pain until it is cared for.

When sensitivity occurs, a dental filling may be needed. Dental fillings are perfect for teeth that have developed cavities with minimal decay. Dental fillings are imperative to your oral health as they help stop decay from worsening which will ultimately save the infected tooth. Fillings will normally be utilized in a patient’s biannual check-up but can be utilized through our emergency room as well.

Restorative work such as crowns and dental fillings are services that are imperative to saving your smile from permanent damage. Each patient is able to put their tooth to rest with all of our restorative emergency dental treatments offered with our emergency dentists in Kissimmee.

These restorative emergency services are in addition to our biannual cleanings and orthodontic work. We offer a multitude of restorative work such as braces and Invisalign. Our emergency dentists are able to fix any problems with either braces or Invisalign as any damage is done to these can be detrimental to your smile. With our help, you can get a quick fix to any problem that occurs within your smile.

Now, you may be wondering why emergency services are so important to a practice such as ours. This is because our emergency services can stop any long-term damage from occurring. When a patient visits our office with an emergency, we assess the situation and can stop your smile from having any further damage. With the help of services such as dental crowns and fillings, we can stop decay which will then hopefully stop the tooth from needing to be extracted completely.

However, if your tooth is beyond repair, we have the proper resources to be able to safely extract it. After removing the tooth, we will be able to replace it with one that looks a lot like the original.

Our dental experts are able to review every situation that comes into the office and decide which emergency service is necessary for each patient. After performing this task, our dentists will explain what could be done to avoid any such emergencies in the future.

Interested in our services and want to rely on our dental office for future emergencies? Call our office at (407) 933-4343 to learn more about our emergency services or to book any day appointments that your smile needs. Emergency or not, our dental experts will assess your situation and do what is best for your teeth.

We pride ourselves in providing state-of-the-art service to all patients no matter the situation. With that being said, Columbia Dental has continued to prove that we are among the best emergency dentists in the area.