Prevent Dental Issues

When we receive new patients we often learn more about their funny, sad and sometimes scary encounters with dental offices in other towns, before they find us at Columbia Dental Care & Associatesand and never look back!

Here is a list we put together of the Top 10 Reasons You’re Skipping The Dentist:

  1. They were too expensive
  2. I didn’t have insurance
  3. They would change my appointments
  4. They didn’t accept my insurance
  5. I was reprimanded for not flossing!
  6. It was too painful
  7. Their toothpaste tastes gross
  8. Their x-rays were intrusive
  9. I always had to wait, even though I arrived on time
  10. I don’t like the dentist!

Our goal is to change the stereotypical perception that most people have about “The Dentist”, and highlight the utmost care and professionalism we’re known for. Here at Columbia Dental Care & Associates our mission is to provide patients with exceptional service and results that leave them smiling (see what we did there?).

We won’t be reprimanding you in front of your family about a lack of flossing, brushing or the like. That’s not who we are. We aren’t stingy with local anesthesia, and do our best not to cause any pain or discomfort. We have industry-leading pastes of all kinds of flavors. After decades of experience, we know how to ensure our patients are treated with the utmost care they deserve. Our patients love going to the dentist, and their teeth are healthier for it!