It’s important for children to begin caring for their teeth as soon as they are able. With that in mind, parents in central Florida should consider taking their children to Columbia Dental Care & Associates, a pediatric dentist in Kissimmee, FL, that goes the extra mile to get children interested in their own oral health care.

Dr. Aida Pagan and her team at Columbia Dental Care & Associates are dedicated to the oral health of the children they treat. In some instances, a pediatric dentist in Kissimmee such as Columbia Dental Care & Associates, will care for the teeth of a child from infancy through adulthood.

Along the way, the team at Columbia Dental Care & Associates will monitor an infant’s teeth for proper growth, observe the loss of a child’s first set of teeth and the growth of the permanent teeth, the removal of wisdom teeth so orthodontic changes can be made, and the installation of fillings to repair teeth that have been damaged by decay.

As a pediatric dentist in Kissimmee, Columbia Dental Care & Associates, will also implement a preventative care plan that, if followed, will help a child’s teeth remain healthy and white as they grow through adolescence and into adults.

Part of the preventative plan is managed by the staff at Columbia Dental. Regular check-ups, cleanings two times a year, and annual X-rays, will help Dr. Pagan monitor the health and growth of a child’s teeth. Cleanings and X-rays will identify possible problem areas before they become big problems.

The other part of the preventative plan requires the child and parents to maintain a daily at-home health care routine. That routine is based on brushing a minimum of two times each day, rinsing with an antiseptic mouthwash after each brushing, and frequent flossing. Most dentists recommend children floss a minimum of four times a week.

No preventive care plan guarantees that a child will have perfect teeth. Every patient, no matter how dedicated to an at-home care program, will undoubtedly experience some type of dental problem such as decay or other periodontal conditions. That’s where the team at Columbia Dental Care & Associates can help.

One treatment that’s available at Columbia Dental Care & Associates is sealants, which protect the teeth, specifically the molars, of young children. When a child’s first set of teeth come in between the ages of 5 and 7, the molars can be covered with a sealant that will create a barrier and make it harder for decay to attack. Molars are susceptible to bacteria, decay, and cavities because they are located in the back of the mouth and aren’t brushed as thoroughly. They are also used to chew which exposes them to saliva mixed with food.

The sealant is a thin layer of liquid that is spread on molars and hardened. A second treatment is often recommended when the child’s permanent teeth begin to appear around the age of 11.

Columbia Dental Care & Associates also offers a number of other services as a pediatric dentist in Kissimmee that cares for the oral health of children and adolescents in the area. Visit us at for more information or call 407.606.8454 to schedule an appointment.